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Horizontal Systems

Portable Horizontal Lifeline System w/o anchorages or cable

Product #: 6310-1

Because these are Tuned Cable™ technology systems, they're easy to install and will fit safely in more applications than any other systems on the market. After reviewing the design program (web-based with training or through Reliance specialist) for your application, choose appropriate cable length and anchorage terminations based on those needs for up to 4 men and 200 ft.

* This item is sold as part of a complete Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System or as a replacement part for an existing system. Training is required for the use of this component.

Structural steel HLL installation.

Looped rebar HLL installation.

Concrete pour in place HLL installation.

6000-Skyline Shock absorber-tensioner
6050-InlineCable Clamp
6090 3" Ratchet
6092-10 ft 3" Tensioning Strap & mating hardware
6062-1/2" shackles

Horizontal Systems
Type HLL
Series Skyline
Component Kit

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