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Mechanical Lift Ladder Davit

Product #: 6519

The 6519 is a ladder davit with a mechanical lift capability that allows it to be raised or lowered with a standard cordless VSR Drill and a ¾” socket. This makes it a perfect fit for situations where a ladder cannot have a davit extending above it all the time such as at roof hatches. As opposed to cable/rail systems the 6519 is raised to provide overhead fall protection throughout the ascent/descent.

Some advantages include:

• Overhead anchorages coupled with the Reliance Skyloc II SRL means arrest distances less than 24”
• Inspection procedures kept simple
• Standard dorsal D-ring harness is prescribed
• Extending 7’ above the top of the ladder ensures that the worker can safely exit the system before disconnecting
• System user training is much easier than other complex ladder safety cable/rail systems
• Use your existing fleet of Self- Retracting Lanyards or convert to the high performance Skyloc II

Vertical Systems
Type Ladder
Install Type Permanent
Number of Users 1

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