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Anchorage Connectors

Vertical Fixed Ladder Davit

Product #: 6518

The Vertical Fixed Ladder Davit is one component of a personal fall arrest system that is designed to anchor a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) that a single worker can use to climb or descend a fixed metal ladder. The Fixed Ladder Davit uses adjustable rung clamps to attach the Davit to any OSHA standard ladder. Once installed, an SRL with a Maximum Arrest Force (MAF) of 1800-lb. must be attached to the head assembly of the Stanchion providing fall protection for a single individual.

Each 6518 includes hanger assist brackets which hook onto two rungs, making installation easier and safer.

Capacity: One user with a combined weight (clothing, tools, etc.) of no more than 310-lb.

Two models to choose from:
6518G - Hot Dip Galvanized and ArmorGalv® coated parts.
6518S - Stainless Steel

Vertical Systems
Type Ladder
Install Type Permanent
Number of Users 1

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