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Self-Retracting Lanyards

Micro-Loc® Personal SRL with Steelhead® Tieback Hook, Twin, 6'-9'

Product #: 4267006

Size: 6’-9’(1.8m-2.7)

The Micro-Loc® was built with one purpose in mind: make it as light as possible but keep the strength we had in our class leading StopLite® II.

The Micro-Loc® is the lightest Personal SRL available, that is capable of exceeding all current regulatory and standards requirements, with industry leading energy capacity and strength characteristics.

Using the 3062-36T-10 Carabiner Lock for attaching to a harness

Using the 3062-36T for attaching to a harness

All about the micro-LOC®

Self-Retracting Lanyards
Type Personal
Capacity 400
Series MicroLoc®
Hook Type Steelhead® TieBack Hook
Lifeline Material Dyneema® Web
Size 6 ft

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